Three Days in Montréal

Montréal is a nice, culturally-developed city in Québec, Canada. My sister and I have never been to France, so this was a sneak-peak of what it probably looks like. Everyone in Old Montréal (where we stayed) spoke French, and many of the shops sold baguettes, croissants, and other French food. Throughout Montréal, you can find a Jewish area, Chinese area, and a Greek area. We had a great time exploring each area and its food, art, history, and more!

Sights and Activities.

Notre-Dame Basilica

The replica of Notre Dame de Paris, Notre-Dame Basilica, is a beautifully designed basilica that looks like it took a century to finish the amazing interior. When we walked in, we could hear organs playing above us, and could see the amazing castle-like altar that awaited us directly down the isle. To the left and right of us were stained glass windows that shined in the sunlight. Everywhere we went there was tons of detail. Each seat had heads carved into them, the staircases were gold and had design of shepherds on them, and there were many wooden pictures of Leonardo Da Vinci’s last supper. The whole place was glowing with gold and it was a very memorable sight in Montréal.


Montréal Botanical Garden

This garden, just like every other botanical garden, is really pretty and relaxing. There is a beautiful rose garden, fruit and vegetable garden, and much more. We especially loved taking close-up photos of bees, while trying not to get stung. The garden is quite close to Olympic Park, which is where the slightly-outdated 1976 summer games stadium is located. We had a really fun time walking around the whole park, and also found an insectarium. My sister and I loved seeing butterflies under magnifying glasses, but we also got really grossed out when we saw giant the cockroaches.



Tyrolienne MTL Zip Line

Out of every activity we did in Montréal, going on this long zip line was my favorite. The zip line is located right in the Old Port of Montréal, and is the longest one in all of Québec. It goes over a lake, and it is so high, that you can see the area from a bird’s eye view. It was SO much fun, and I didn’t even get nervous because everyone was very patient while helping us, unlike the time in North Carolina when my sister got harnessed incorrectly and flew down wobbly. Luckily she was OK, but it still gave my mom a panic attack! We also got to do something called “The Drop,” where we stood on a high platform that suddenly dropped and we flew down about 30 feet in a harness.



Cafe Parvis

If you’re looking for some amazing pizza, head straight to Cafe Parvis. It has a great vibe and a very nice staff. I got a margherita pizza- my fave, and it was so much better than the way too fancy Mediterranean restaurant the night before, Milos. I recommend it to families, and anyone who wants some good food!


Tommy is a great coffee shop that serves all types of delicious pastries. My mom, my sister and I shared an almond croissant and a cronut, while my dad got his daily coffee. It was all so good that we went there the next morning, too. The space is super cool, so if you’re into Instagramming things, this is a good spot.

Le Petit Dep

Le Petit Dep is probably the cutest little grocery store in all of Montréal. My mom stumbled upon it the night we arrived in Montréal. It was late and we were starving in our Airbnb. She came back with lasagna, greek salad, fruit and amazing homemade granola and yogurt for breakfast the next morning. Even though it’s tiny, they sell a huge range of stuff from groceries, to candy, and coffee and ice cream. Everyone is super nice and it was just around the corner from our apartment. Needless to say, we went there multiple times a day!!!

Good to know…

Currency: Canadian Dollar.

Transportation: Montréal has a great public transportation system.

Weather: Gets very cold in winter. Summers are very nice.

Language: Pretty much everyone in Montréal speaks English, but French is their first language.

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