Sydney, Australia in Five Days

Out of every city that we went to in Australia, Sydney was my favorite. There was just something about it that was so fun and easy going and it honestly reminded me of LA with the buildings, food, diverse people, and the struggle of getting around with public transportation. Also, the weather was always warm with... Continue Reading →

Your Guide to the Outback, Mate!

During our 2 ½ day excursion in Uluru, we had an experience of a lifetime! We rode camels  at sunset, saw an amazing light exhibit, hiked right under the 2,831 foot giant, Uluru, and stayed in a cluster of hotels far away from any living things other than dingoes, snakes, a ton of flies, occasional kangaroos, and... Continue Reading →

Melbourne in Four Days

Melbourne (pronounced Mel-bin for the locals), a fun city in Australia, is perfect for families like us. We found a lot of kid-things to do, and also took an amazing road trip down the Great Ocean Road. There are a lot a great food options, nice people, and really cool areas to explore. We also found... Continue Reading →

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